Posted by: nbharris | December 31, 2008

Synch MP3 player using Windows media player

If you wish to automatically synchronize with your media device (MP3 player) then you need to perform the next step.

  1. Select “Library” and “Create playlist”
  2. Enter a Playlist name
  3. The playlist will appear in the list of playlist
    (If it does not appear right click on the Playlist’s icon and select “Show all”)
  4. Drag and drop the tracks you would like to play into he playlist; this can be done by track or by album or by artist…
  5. Make sure your MP3 device is connected to the USB port
  6. In the Explorer panel on left hand side; right click on your media devices name
  7. Select “set-up synch”
  8. IF you wish to have the device synchronize each time it is connected then:

    1. Tick “Synch this device automatically”
  9. Select the newly created Playlist from the “Available Playlist’s:” and add it to the List of “playlist’s to synch:”
  10. Set the priority of these Playlist’s using the up and down buttons.
  11. Click “Finish” to close the dialog box

Now when you connect your media device to the PC and it will automatically synchronize your playlist unless you selected to perform this manually.

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