Posted by: nbharris | September 12, 2008

Getting Blackberry desktop manager to synch with outlook calendar

have the 8130 which comes with 4.3 OS and use it on the VZW BIS for personal emails and such. I sync with my laptop for my work calendar and contacts though (Lotus Notes version 7 but calendar app does not matter). After a week of using the BB I added a some calendar entries into Lotus and then sync’ed the BB to get them on there but nothing sync’ed on the calendar. Dismayed I check all my settings and even reset DM sync settings and readded. Nothing worked. I contacted VZW but since the 8130 is so new they don’t know much about it so I was transfered to RIM.
After more than an hour of trying different things and never getting the calendar to sync (everything else does fine) we found that with the 4.3 OS it creates a calendar service book for each BIS email address (we know that, it has a multiple calendar thing) but that it does not create a default calendar for DM syncing. Since no default calendar is created there is nothing for the DM to sync with.
The fix was to go into the service books and delete all the CICAL service books for each email address. There is one per address. After doing that we reset and readded the sync configuration in DM. On the next sync it creates the default calendar and it will now sync with DM.
My recommendation is to get rid of the calendar for each email address. Why would I want to have appt’s on 4 different calendars? I have enough trouble doing everything in my one calendar!
But anyways, if you have the same issue that is the fix and if you resend the service books to your BB then you must again delete the CICAL service books for each email address so that sync works. RIM is aware of this issue and are tring to find a fix but this was their work around for now.


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