Posted by: nbharris | August 14, 2008

SNOM M3 and OrbTalk – outbound proxy port is different

When using the SNOM M3 ensure you have the up to date firmware, to be compatible with OrbTalk use V1.16 or later.

The firmware version can be seen on the web configuration home page, see highlighted below


snom-m3-SIP/01.16//03-Jul-08 13:43

If you have old firmware, or you cannot see this information on the home page, you should update the firmware by the following method; using a handset registered to the base station:

1. Click menu central key (menu displays)

2. Click up and click ok [menu centre key] (settings menu displays)

3. Navigate down to the System settings option and click ok

4. Enter your pin code [default 0000]

5. Navigate to Firmware update and click ok

6. The latest version is displayed click ok

7. And wait – this takes ages – but wait for it to end and automatically reboot

The new firmware should be installed. Browse to the M3 web configuration home page, login, select the setup identity you want to configure and enter the OrbTalk details as shown below:

The display name is the calling line ID you want the called phone to display

The Account name is anything you want as it is only displayed on your system handset(s)


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