Posted by: nbharris | August 10, 2008

Blog hosters


Prominent blog hosters in no particular order:

  • TypePad – Paid
  • WordPress – FREE
  • Blogger – FREE


Microsoft Live Writer can be used to publish to these and at

Click to download MLW >> 

A couple of interesting snippets from articles:



There are free and paid ways of going about making your blog. The following is a list of sites where you can setup a free blog. You just need to create a free account and pick a name for your blog. Then you can select from the available free templates for your blog theme.
WordPress is the most popular blogging platform at the moment. But most of their users has their own hosting account and their own domain name. The reason is that they would have full control of their blog.
Blogger is the second most popular platform. It is owned by Google. That means your blog would likely get some favor at the search engine. Anyhow since it is hosted by Google there is a chance you might lose your Blog if somehow you break Google’s terms.




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